Dell Xcelerator (TM) for Portable Devices 1.2
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Dell Xcelerator (TM) for Portable Devices 1.2

Free An application included with Dell XPS 420 that increase multimedia processing
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Dell Xcelerator for Portable devices is a driver / application created by Lumanate and distributed by Dell in their XPS 420 Desktop computer.
The application main goal is to increase system performance for tasks such as transferring, decoding and ripping multimedia files (doing the maths on the xcelerator hardware instead of the system processor ) on Portables Devices such as Apple Ipod and Sony Playstation Portable. To work as designed, it requires the flex bay audio video port and a TV tuner card installed.

Among it features it offers:

- Transcoding of MPEG-2 video to MPEG-4 in order to copy to a portable media player, post online (e.g.z YouTube), or just to save storage space. MCE recorded TV programs can be recorded in MPEG-2 and/or MPEG-4 for viewing at home on a large screen or on the road on the small screen of a portable device.

- Transrate MPEG-2 video clips (standard and high-def) to a lower bit rate to fit onto a DVD, CD, or other media (i.e. "fit to disc" or "shrink"). This enables large video files such as 2 hour TV programs (or multiple episodes) to fit onto a single DVD. It also allows DVD-9 dual-layer movies to fit onto DVD-5 (single layer) media.

- Transcaling of High Definition MPEG-2 video clips to standard definition MPEG-2 video for playback on older equipment.

- Produce video with higher quality compared to software transcoding.

Some compatible applications are:

- Roxio Creator 9.1 (While encoding audio and Video not burning it self)

- Xcelerator pluging for Windows Media Center Edition.

The program supports Windows XP and Vista but remember it wont even install if you dont have the Xcelerator bay on your XPS 420, which by the way isnt a cheap desktop PC but for its performance really worth it.

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Jean De Los Santos
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  • Small Download
  • Increase system performance
  • Built-in Hardware and Software Diagnostics


  • Only available in USA
  • Almost no user interface
  • Just works with a few compatible applications



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